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HACCP Certified Chemicals

We take care of your health and safety. We are using HACCP certified chemicals for all indoor operations

Superior Quality

Our technically skilled and trained Technicians enable us to perform qualitative examination at every stage of Inspection.

Cost Effective

Our team is always careful to design and develop the best pest control solution which is cost effective and with guaranteed output.

Best Customer Support

Customer Satisfaction is the key to our success. The client interaction and after sales Support make us the most authentic service provider in the industry.


Amicare Services Private Limited is an ISO Certified government approved organisation providing the best pest control service in Kerala, officially formed in 2018. We have been in the industry for the last 10 years in the name, Amigos Pest Management Service, as a strategic partner of leading pest controlling companies in India. With the strong presence in Kerala market, Amicare providesHassle- Free pest control servicein all major cities, Kannur, Calicut, Palakkad, Trissur, Kochi, Malappuram, Kollam, Kottayam, and Trivandrum.

Here, we are designing IPM/ Integrated Pest Management solution for your fragile environment, combining the best techniques adaptable to the targeted area. Amicare, provides Disinfection Service, Sterilization Service, and Fumigation Service (Cold Fogging) for residential and commercial spaces even in high challenging and health- risk phase. Amicare is Best Pest Control Service Providers in Kochi |Kerala

Our elimination activities are strictly enforced under the guidelines of the pest control industry, obliged to follow the government regulations.

We use HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) certified chemicals in the indoor use of our operation for sustaining the nature liveable & safe. We adhere to the product catalogue approved by theCentral Insecticide Board (CIB) aand strictly ensure that pesticides are used for targeted pests. Even- while providing the unique and flexible service that transcends the current standards; we persistent in the values- hold on to the Social Responsibility. We serve our clients with the most environmental- friendly, safe& scientific solutions to minimize chemical usage.

Amicare constantly strives to improve the industry standards of pest controlling with the help of constant research and development. Our specially trained professionals, capable of Pest Risk Assessment and proactive Measures for the specific problems, are expertise in handling different resources and applicators as well. We are consistent in providing the promised quality service to our trusted customers; the real pillars of our great success. Amicare isBest Pest Control Service in Kochi , kerala

  • Odourless Chemicals
  • Pest Awareness Training
  • Long Lasting Effectiveness
  • People& Environment- Safety First Approach
  • Pest Risk Analysis
  • IPM Approach
  • Pest Risk Matrix
  • CIB Approved Chemicals
  • Regular Customer Audit
  • Hassle Free Service
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Proactive Measures

The platform which we are working upon, impacts its decisions and practices over a great community. Hence, we obliged to operate responsibly, safely and sustainably with great integrity and ethical values. We aim to set, maintain, and promote high standards of corporate accountability which, not impacting the society in negative manner. We just go above and beyond, that make choices based on what is right for people, just not legal.

As a professional pest control solution provider, we are strictly enforced under the guidelines of the pest control industry, obliged to follow different regulatory bodies as well. we believe that working with good records of responsibility and integrity as a conscientious employee will enhance our reputation. We practice the ethical sourcing of products, sustainable business service, employee and consumer welfare policies. We are committed to reporting our corporate responsibility policies and activities annually, which will enable others to evaluate our performance. In shaping our unique approach to corporate responsibility, we engage with business and non-business interest groups, ensuring that we fully understand their expectations and that our policies and programs address relevant issues. Amicare is Best pest control service providers in Kochi | Kerala .

Our commitment to corporate responsibility includes:

  • Sustainable service practices
  • Ethical Sourcing& usage of approved products
  • Following regulations& obliging the legal authorities
  • Employee welfare policies and its practice
  • Maintain effective health and safety management systems
  • Donations for Social Causes
  • Voluntary services at the spread of pandemic
  • Customer satisfactory interaction & After sales support
  • Participation in community activities

From service provider to senior management in the boardroom, we demonstrate a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental pest control through the implementation of our well-trained staff.

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Key areas

Pest management services are provided for:

  • Pest management services for Flat, Apartment, Common Area & Houses.
  • Protection against pest-related illnesses.
  • Technically skilled, trusted professionals.
  • Meet your specific needs.
  • Customer support at every step.
  • Provide pest prevention tips.
  • Safe& Secure Process.
  • Provide pest control service for Food, Pharma, Hospitals, Hotels & IT Industry.
  • We provide onsite & routine service.
  • Dedicated team of expert professionals.
  • Seasonal Pest infestation Calendar.
  • Collaborating the modern techniques& industrial trends
  • Proactive methods for pest prevention
  • Industry specific reporting standards & supervision
  • Serve in challenging & risky environments
  • Well trained and equipped professionals
  • Preventive & Protective measures
  • Holding Global Standards
  • Biohazard disposal as per regulatory requirements
  • EDS quarantine and decontamination zones
  • Disinfectant used as per WHO recommendation
  • Service offered for Residential & Commercial Customers Requirements
  • Vehicle Disinfectant Service