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Wood borers are wood-destroying insects that attack and destroy structural integrity of your furniture and wooden assets. All homes and businesses made of natural wood are at the risk of wood borers infestation. The adult beetles breed on cracks and hole in the wood and larvae eat their way out of the food/ wood for many years. This will create holes and cracks on your wooden structure. Amicare is Wood Borer Pest Control Services in Kochi , Kerala .

Do you know how terrible they are?

Moisture content or moist atmosphere is perfect for their breeding. Woodworm attacks both internal and external wood as a source of food and their home. The larvae spend about 3.5 to 4 years on the surface eating the wood, increasing in size. Once the larvae have evolved into a beetle, it will bite through the surface of the trunk and create recognizable tiny holes. Wood-boring beetles are attracted to light, which can often be found around window sills, windows, or loft hatches. Woodworm is a threatening factor that led to the structural failure of your home or commercial space.

Resistance is the best management way of wood - it affects from borer/beetle
  • When choosing, closely watch wood and wood products if possible or when delivering them to your home for infectious diseases.
  • Use an oven or air-dried wood to reduce moisture, which is good for wood beetles.
  • Firewood should be avoided, split (to dry quickly), and kept away from structures.
  • Reduce humidity indoors with proper ventilation, drainage, and dehumidifiers.
  • Treat unfinished wood with a borate product (soluble based pesticide before sealing) to prevent damage from wood-destroying organisms.
  • Infected branches or limbs of trees can be pulled out.

Treatment and elimination of wood-boring beetles is the job of an expert and requires extensive skills. Special care demands for inspection and applying of chemicals by applicators. Once the infection is detected, we use special syringes to inject wood preservative chemicals into the holes made by the wood borers to counteract the wood attack on your wood furniture. We also spray these chemicals containing Oil base to prevent further damage that is approved by Central Board of Pesticides; ensures the best result and safety. A professional pest control company will ensure that no harm occurs after applying any medications that are not offered by local competitors. We make sure we provide the best solution on how to get rid of wood bores infestation. Amicare is Wood Borer Pest Control Services in Kochi , Kerala .

  • Our wood borer control service ensures that they disappear in about 7-15 days, unlike any other chemicals that will dislodge and spread when your property is damaged.
  • If you have a reinfestation within the contract period; additional treatment without extra charge

-Adult beetles lay their eggs on firewood. They affect the floorboards, furniture, wood beams, and other wooden objects in your property.

-The larvae fall deep into the wood where they feed, and in the process, they form a tunnel for years.

- If left untreated, the wood or wooden structure will be weakening and cause structural failure of the building or facility.