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Lizards are scaly- skinned reptiles. They are one of the most diverse and adaptable reptile group that can survive in a variety of habitats. More than 4000 species represented the reptile, lizard though only 30 considers as pests. Amicare is Best Lizard Pest Control Services in Kochi, Kerala .

  • - Most lizards have dry, scaly skins but looks as slimy.
  • - They have outside ear opening and movable eyes.
  • - It has a week tail that can break it off to puzzle the enemies.
  • - Fat is stored in their tail.
  • - Lizards can grow new tail if it shed off of the former one.
  • - Keeping house clean is one of the best preventative measures you can take to keep your home away from lizards.
  • - Like other reptiles, lizards need water to survive. The best thing you can do is cover the drinking water and remove stagnated water if it is inside your home.
  • - They insect lovers, hence insect removal will help you out to avoid the lizards

If it is not working well, seek the support of professional!!