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The term fly is used to describe any insect that able to fly. Though the flies have short life span, they can sprout out quickly and spread dangerous diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery, Tuberculosis, and Cholera.

Among the thousand species of flies, only few are nasty and common in our surroundings.


HOUSE FLY: These are the common grey coloured flies with red compound eyes that can see in and around our home. House flies are living very close to human, feed their foodstuffs and waste. They are seen good in number during hotter summer months. Under favourable conditions, these awful creatures can sprout out quickly due to short reproduction life cycle and the large egg laying capacity. Amicare is Best Fly Control Services in Kochi, Kerala.

Life Cycle: Female flies only mate once but capable to produce more than 300 eggs in their lifespan. 6 to 42 days for the egg to develop into the adult fly. But in optimal summer time they are capable to develop into a full adult within 7 days. The length of life is usually 2-3 weeks but in cooler conditions they can sustain three months.

Nature& Behaviour:These creatures donot have teeth, and can feeds liquids only. However, they are capable to liquify the solid food by their sponging mouthparts through spitting or regurgitation. Their tongues are developed as straws to swig the food.

Why House Fly consider as a pest?

They are the carriers of different disease agents including Salmonella, typhoid and tuberculosis. House flies can contaminate our food by placing the disease agents that they picked while feeding on garbage and faecal matters. House flies are known are transformers for Diarrhoea, Cholera, Food Poisoning, Yaws, Dysentery, and Eye Infections high

The flies which attracted to ripened or fermenting fruits and vegetables. They are small, oval shaped yellowish or brown flies with red eyes. They are common during late Summer at the time of ripened fruits

Life Cycle:
Fruit flies lay eggs on fruits and their small larvae, the maggots feed on the fruits. The females lay a maximum of 26 eggs per day. The adult one may develop in less than a week when temperatures are between 80テつー and 89テつーF though the development cycle may take 70 days during the winter. They have a life span of 25- 30 days but capable to give birth more than 500 offspring within that short span of time

Nature& Behaviour:
These flies are very common in homes, fruit yards, Orchards, restaurants, Supermarkets wherever the fruit is ripened or fermented. Fruit flies are potential to contaminate food with bacteria and other disease- producing organisms.

Fruit flies are attracted to eat rotting food matter, especially fruits and vegetables and the fermented liquids as beer and wine. They pass the germs or pathogens that have carried while they stayed over garages or moist areas. Larvae that feed on overripe fruit are capable of spreading yeasts that cause souring. Due to the small development cycle and breeding capacity they sprout out and replicate quickly that makes the situation unamenable and uncontrolled. Amicare Services is Best Fly Control Services in Kochi Kerala .

Drain fly is an insect which is also known as Moth Fly or Sewage Fly, having Gray or tan body in lighter colour with scaled wings. They often overlooked insect associated with moist areas; sink drains, sewage treatment facilities, storm drains, and rotten vegetation. They are small, dark winged, non- biting insects. Larvae need moisture, they can bread where the water is stagnated for some time as in toilet bowls, tanks, sink, or drain pans of refrigerator.

Life Cycle :
Drain fly laid eggs over water or thin surface films of moist area, once it has been laid, it will hatch in about 48 hours time. The developmental time varies with temperature, at lower temperature it has to continue through a qualitative time period. The life cycle of moth flies can be completed in 8 days but can be extended it for 24 days depending upon the temperature.

Nature& Behaviour :
Drain flies are most active in the evening when they congregate around sinks and drains. It multiplies quickly and the larvae may stay in the water or muddy environment for a life time.

Even though they are not notorious to spread disease their breeding potential matters. It is hard to recognise their breeding sites as the larvae is too small and replicating potential makes it as a nuisance for human being.

Blue/ Green Bottle Fly, Cluster Fly, Horse Fly, and Flush Fly are some other common flies that cause infestation. Amicare is Best Fly Control Services in Kochi , Kerala.

  • Deny access to flies - close windows and doors.
  • Fly screens - Attach fly screen to windows around kitchen and waste areas in particular.
  • Cover food For avoiding the food poisonings.
  • Remove Food parts and liquid leaks from food preparation and serving areas
  • Dust Bins / Compost Bins - Make sure all waste containers have closed lids.
  • Floor mats - Make sure the grease is thoroughly cleaned every month.
  • Pets - Clean up pets excreta well. Not it is their breeding site but the flies may have chances to contaminate our food too.
  • Eliminate dead bees - They provide a delicious snack for other pests such as carpet beetles.
  • Water storage - Cover with a well-fitting lid.
  • Standing water - Do not leave standing water (for example, watering cans and pots) as it provides an opportunity for insects to breed.
  • Sewers - Make sure the sewers are kept clean to minimize bee breeding sites.

Integrated Fly Management Service by Amicare is available for Residential and Commercial Infestation includes

1.Deny Access

2.Larvae Control Measures

3.Baiting and Spraying treatment for adult flies

4.Insect Light Traps (Electric Fly Killers) and Fly Pads