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Rodent represents the mammal of the order Rodentia characterised by a single pair of continuously growing teeth. Even though rodents are a large number of species, rats are the prominent ones in our continent. Amicare is best Rodent Control Services in Kochi | Kerala .



The Brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus) and the Black Rat (Rattus Rattus) are the most common one originated from Asia and Australia but spread to all over the world now. To occlude the growing teeth, it needs to bite hard objects such as lead, plastic pipes, insulation material, and electrical wiring. This habit makes it as a nuisance and damages the materials. They are the carrier of life-threatening disease pathogens; the Salmonella, Leptospirosis (Welsh disease), Tuberculosis, and Tapeworms.

Facts about Rats:
  • Rats are predominantly a nocturnal mammal
  • They take shelter in burrows, trees, stack of lumber and over piles of debris in day time
  • These creatures eat anything available as seed, fruit, vegetable, nuts, grains, and various meats
  • The rats, often stick together in groups called Packs
  • These intelligent creatures will work together to move large quantities of food to their home
  • Roof rats will run over 100 meters in search of the food
  • They bite regularly to satisfy they are on growing incisor teeth.
  • A rat can survive for long time without having water

Rats are potential threat to your life and property if it not controlled.

This animal is a threat to your property

  • It can chew your wallboards, cardboards, electrical wiring and wooden furniture. The chewed-up wires create risk of electric circuit break and fire.
  • Rats cause 15% Food Loss across the world.

Rat can introduce secondary pests : Rat can introduce other pests such as flies, mites, and ticks into the area and cause more damage.

Dangerous carriers of life-threatening diseases

  • Transmission of Hantavirus : it transmits to human body through exhalation or exposure of urine or faecal matter that result into Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), a respiratory disease, sometimes fatal.
  • Salmonellosis : spread this virus through rodent faeces, people will be exposed to diarrhoea, fever, vomiting and abdominal cramps
  • Rat Bite Fever : it is spread through bites or scratches from infected rats. It is a high potentially fatal disease.
  • The plague : Pasteurella bacteria is usually transmitted by rodents

Rats cause a lot of pollution : A single rat is exposed to more than 25,000 drops per year, which can cause acute allergic reactions. Amicare is Best Rodent Control Services in Kochi | Kerala.

Some other common rodents around us


House mouse is a small mammal which can be seen in most part of our country. It is a nocturnal creature who is capable to nest in out- of- the way- places from rodent order. The tiny size ranging from 3-8 inches adept its to creep into your home through a crack or gap or gnaws on drywall, stored boxes, and paper, or even wiring to make its nest.

  • Mouse is so flexible that it can get into our home through a crack or hole which is small even as テつシ inch.
  • It can jump as high as foot and climb 13 inches over vertical walls.
  • It can run fast, swim as well.
  • It can feed on almost house holding items including paste, glue and soap.
  • It can survive with the water on their food.
  • It is a carrier of Salmonellosis, Rickettsia pox, Leptospirosis, Rat Bite Fever, Encephalitis, Meningoencephalitis.
  • Disease can be spread through droppings and urine where it leaves behind 50-75 dropping each day and urinate whenever they walk.
  • A single female mouse can reproduce more than 30 young each year.
  • It can cause damage to your building, furniture and house hold utensils.
  • Mouse can contaminate our food.


It is an Asiatic species of Rodents, is also very common in India. It will hide and breed in outside areas especially associated with drains. It does not enter buildings but are aggressive burrowers making tunnels even in concrete foundations and warehouses. When Bandicoot Rats are threatened, they make pig-like grunts and started attacking. They are considered serious pests of field crops, grains, fruit crops, gardens, etc.

  • Rat Droppings around food packages in drawer or cup boards, under shelves or sinks.
  • Nesting materials as shredded paper or fabric in our home or surroundings.
  • Chewing or tampering signs on food packages.
  • Pungent musky odour.
  • Large holes on floor or wall.
  • Damaging marks on any pieces of wood.
  • Grease marks and gnawing signs.
  • Live or dead rats in and around our home.
  • Noise is audible during night time.

Rodent Bait Stations : of Rodent Bait Stations with Glue Board & Sticky Traps or Toxic Baits are a low-cost control solution for rats and mice. They provide a practical, secure, and current system that requires minimal service. These rat bait stations are strategically located in and around your property to help reduce rodent infestation. Interior-style lounge stations are often used with non-toxic traps and monitoring blocks. Our technicians will effectively monitor rodent infestation and take immediate action as needed.

Rodent Proofing : Closing of rat entry points to prevent future rat infestation.

Rodent Chemical Control : Prevention of a rat infestation in tamper resistant bait stations (TRBS) / 3 rat infestation lines.