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Disinfect your vehicle with Amicare vehicle disinfectant experts to ensure the safety of you and your family while traveling. Air-misting/ Fumigation, Spraying, and mopping of the entire vehicle is the process. It is advisable to not let anyone enter the vehicle for an hour. The moment you open the doors of your car, you let in thousands of germs and dust. Disinfectant wipes can make a big difference here because the steering wheel, control buttons, seats, door interiors, cup holders, and anything else can be used practically. Amicare is Best Vehicle Disinfection Services in Kochi , Kerala .

If you can add some liquid disinfectant to the water, it will keep the viruses and germs away from the metal body for a while. If you cannot get rid of any disinfectant, the spray works well - maybe even better. Disinfectant sprays are best on non-abrasive surfaces such as car carpet or upholstery. The spray is great for reaching large surfaces quickly and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Generally, the spray should be allowed to dry before using the disinfected area, but if you use it on sensitive surfaces, you can use a paper towel to wipe the surface.

Not all surfaces in your car can be wiped or sprayed with disinfectant. If your car has leather seats and touchscreen surfaces, you can avoid using too much fluid when cleaning them. If you are thinking about how to disinfect car seats, or more importantly, how to disinfect leather car seats, there are some things you can use without damaging your seats. First of all, if you only have access to disinfectant spray, try not to spray the seats directly. All you can do is spray a little disinfectant on the microfiber cloth and let it soak for a minute. You can gently wipe the seats and leather in your car. Microfiber fabrics are also excellent on touchscreen surfaces.

Generally, your touch screens are not recommended to be wiped with a disinfectant as the liquid may damage the mechanics. However, a microfiber cloth can be used as it does not allow excess fluid to damage the touchscreen. With a little disinfectant, you can easily and safely wipe all the touchscreen in the car. If you are worried about how to disinfect the car interior without damaging it or how to disinfect the car upholstery without ruining its appearance, these helpful tips will keep you and your car safe during these difficult times. Keeping your car clean during a coronavirus may not be the biggest concern, but it is important to do so, especially when you need to use your vehicle for supplies and other emergencies.

If you believe someone in your vehicle has COVID-19, you should disinfect and inform health department

The virus can stay on the surface for up to three hours, so it is best to be careful if you believe your vehicle has been exposed. Passengers are connected to multiple locations in your car.

Anyone who does so. We have taken several important steps to disinfect the cars we operate.

We also offer convenient pickup and drop-off options for the convenience of our customers.