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Emergency disinfection service

If you have a suspicious or confirmed case of COVID19 in your area, call us for our emergency service for disinfection. Amicare is Emergency Disinfection Services in Kochi | Kerala .

  • Serve in challenging & risky environments
  • Service offered in Home, Office, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Warehouse, Restaurants
  • Well trained professionals
  • Preventive & Protective measures
  • Holding Global Standards
  • Biohazard disposal as per regulatory requirements
  • Disinfectant used as per WHO recommendation
  • Vehicle Disinfectant Service
  • Quick Response.
  • Trained and qualified senior service and technical teams.
  • Service in accordance with global standards
  • Biohazard removal as per regulatory requirement
  • Disinfect the outside of any medical equipment that is pre-designed and unused (still inside the protective bags in which it was stored) and transfer it to a warm area. If the equipment has been removed from a protected bag in transit, evaluate the equipment to determine if it can be properly contaminated, disinfected, or removed.
  • Any area that is visibly contaminated with the patient's body fluids should first be decontaminated with an approved EPA-registered disinfectant for the appropriate contact time before soaking the fluid with absorbable material.
  • If the interior of the ambulance has been painted before transport, roll the dropper downwards and move from the ceiling to the floor of the unit starting from the front of the compartment to the back.
  • Wear approved standard Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Use of hand sanitizers at each stage.
  • The treatment is performed only by experts & emergency specialists.
  • Special barrier area at the treatment site.
  • Close the treated premise and avoid immediate entry
  • Disposal of PPEs before removing as per regulatory compliance
  • Removal of PPEs (Biohazard Waste) according to regulatory compliance.
  • Post-treatment survey reports if required.
We take the health and safety of our customers and employees seriously. We ensure proper hygiene and safety steps.
Before entering your premises, our technicians do the following:
Undergo routine health check-ups, use hand sanitizer & Wear shoe covers, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).
Our disinfectant service will help:
Reduce the risk of cross-infection in the closed area, a safe and comfortable environment that provides peace of mind & responsible measures such as hand hygiene and social distance during outbreaks.
Indoor surfaces and air can look clean. However, it can be re-contaminated by harmful microorganisms in the air.